#18154   2009 NISSAN NOTE 15RS 5D-HATCHBACK  DBA-E11 BOWN auction-grade(3.5/D) 105,541km at ac ps pw aws tv fog-lamp rear-wiper, small crack(rear bumper corner)

E11-372029 (1500cc petrol)  us$1,580(FOB Japan)

#18155  2009 TOYOTA PORTE 130i C-PACKAGE  3D-HATCHBACK  CBA-NNP10  RED  auction-grade(4/A) 109,915km at ac ps pw tv power-sliding door fog-lamp rear-wiper  5-seater VERY CLEAN CAR

NNP10-5045502 (1300cc petrol)  us$1,570(FOB Japan)

#18156   2009 TOYOTA PASSO X 5D-HATCHBACK  DBA-KGC10 5-SEATER violet(P12) auction-grade(4/D) 102,346km at ac ps pw aws tv rear-wiper, rear bumper corner Rh(scratch) CLEAN-CAR

KGC10-0290993 (1000cc petrol)   us$1,240(FOB Japan)

#18157   2009 MAZDA VERISA L  5D-HATCHBACK DBA-DC5W black-met  auction-grade(4/B) 135,073km at ac ps pw aws tv fog-lamp leather-seat rear-wiper, front tires(worn), rear fender Lh(very small scratch)

DC5W-334755 (1500cc petrol) us$1,460(FOB Japan)

#18158   2009 TOYOTA RACTIS G S-PACKAGE  5D-HATCHBACK  DBA-NCP100 red auction-grade(4/C) 129,435km at ac ps pw tv aero-parts fog-lamp CLEAN-CAR

NCP100-0146134 (1500cc petrol)   us$2,090(FOB Japan)

#18159  2009  MAZDA AXELA SPORT 15C  5D-HATCHBACK DBA-BK5P blue auction-grade(4/B) 146,349km at ac ps pw aws tv fog-lamp, spoilers, rear-wiper, rear fender Lh(scratch)

BK5P-336369 (1500cc petrol)   us$1,700(FOB Japan)

#18160 2009 TOYOTA SIENTA X-LTD  5D-HATCHBACK DBA-NCP81G light-green auction-grade(4/B) 97,643km at ac ps pw aws tv power sliding door Lh 7-seater  rear-wiper, rear bumper corner(small scratch), sliding door Lh(scratches)

NCP81-5101164 (1500cc petrol)    us$1,680(FOB Japan)

#18161 2009 TOYOTA PASSO X F-PACKAGE  5D-HATCHBACK DBA-KGC10 brown auction-grade(4/C) 106,199km at ac ps pw tv rear-wiper, driver's seat(cigarete burn)

KGC10-0296184 (1000cc petrol)   us$1,200(FOB Japan)

#18162 2009 TOYOTA RACTIS G-HID 5D-HATCHBACK DBA-NCP100 dark-purple auction-grade(4.5/C) 99,538km at ac ps pw tv rear-wiper rear-spoiler, front bumper corner Lh(scratch & touch up painted)

NCP100-0145158 (1500cc petrol)   us$1,970(FOB Japan)

#18163 2010 MAZDA DEMIO 13C-V 5D-HATCHBACK DBA-DE3FS dark-purple auction-grade(4/B) 93,853km at ac ps pw fog-lamp rear-wiper, rear fender Lh(dent)

DE3FS-290047 (1300cc petrol) us$1,770(FOB Japan)

#18165 2009 TOYOTA PASSO 5D-HATCHBACK DBA-KGC10 gold auction-grade(4/C) 82,997km at ac ps pw tv rear-wiper, rear bumper corner Lh(scratch)

KGC10-0283633 (1000cc petrol)   us$1,200(FOB Japan)

#18060 2007 TOYOTA MARK X 250G 4D-SEDAN DBA-GRX120 silver auction-grade(4/B) 108,630km at ac ps pw aws tv frt-power-seat rear-camera spare-key corner-sensor, rear fender Lh(scratch)

GRX120-3030949 (2500cc petrol) us$1,528(FOB Japan)

#18073 2009 MAZDA DEMIO 13C-V DBA-DE3FS 5D-HATCH BACK 121,470km auction grade(4/B) at ac ps pw cd , rear bumper/rear fender Lh & Rh(scratches & touch up painted), doors(some dimples)

DE3FS-189536(1300cc petrol) US$1,320(FOB Japan)

#18078 2009 NISSAN NOTE DBA-E11 5D-HATCH BACK light-green 120,178km auction-grade(3.5/BC) at ac ps pw tv spare-key, rear door Lh/rear fender Lh(dent)

E11-375047(1500cc petrol) US$1,090(FOB Japan)

#18079 2007 TOYOTA NOAH X DBA-AZR60G 5D-WAGON 8-seater gray 137,423km auction-grade(4/C) at ac ps pw tv aws auto-sliding door Lh side body L/R(scratches)

AZR60-3114632(2000cc petrol) US$1,330(FOB Japan) 

#18083 2009 NISSAN CUBE 15X-M DBA-Z12 5D-HATCH BACK gray 111,430km auction-grade(4/B) 5-seater at ac ps pw tv spare-key, frt windscreen(small crack by stone crush), frt tires(worn), rear door Lh/rear fender Lh(scratches, small dent)

Z12-029817(1500cc petrol) US$1,260(FOB Japan)

#18085 2009 NISSAN CUBE 15X-M DBA-Z12 brown 103,412km auction-grade(3.5/C) 5D-HATCH BACK 5-seater at ac ps pw tv aws fog-lamp spare-key, step Lh(dent) tires(worn)

Z12-031522(1500cc petrol) US$1,260(FOB Japan)

#18094 2012 NISSAN AD VAN VE DBF-VY12 white 5doors station-wagon 146,633km auction-grade(3.5/CB) at ac ps pw(frt) radio spare-key

VY12-139818(1500cc petrol) US$1,460(FOB Japan)

#18102 2007 TOYOTA VOXY X 8-seater 5D-wagon DBA-AZR60G silver 136,058km auction-grade(3.5/DC) at ac ps pw tv rear-camera spare-key, tire LH(F & R) worn, sliding door Rh/rear quarter Rh(scratches)

AZR60-3122836(2000cc petrol) US$1,300(FOB Japan) 

#18103 2009 NISSAN NOTE 15X 5D-HATCH BACK DBA-E11 blue 92,844km auction-grade(3.5/DC) at ac ps pw cd fog-lamps, rear fender Lh/rear door Lh(scratches,dent), frt door Lh(dimple), frt door Rh(scratch), step Lh(dent) 5-seater

E11-376170(1500cc petrol) US$1,064(FOB Japan)

#18104 2011 NISSAN CUBE 15X Party-Red-S 5D-HATCH BACK DBA-Z12 pearl 148,038km auction-grade(4/B) at ac ps pw cd fog-lamps spare-key 5-seater

Z12-161148(1500cc petrol) US$1,536(FOB Japan)

#18105 2002 TOYOTA LITE ACE 0.75ton FLAT-BED TRUCK GC-KM70 white 172,462km auction-grade(3.5/C) at ac ps rear-single tires 3-seater spare-key, driver's seat(torn), body(little rust)

KM70-0009802(1800cc petrol) US$1,890(FOB Japan) 

#18107 2007 NISSAN SERENA Highway Star 8-seater 5D-wagon wide DBA-CC25 pearl 142,278km auction-grade(3.5/BB) at wac ps pw tv rear-camera aws aero-parts fog-lamps auto-sliding door Lh

CC25-026561(2000cc petrol) US$1,300(FOB Japan)

--- to be continued to INVENTORY2 ---