#22163 2014 NISSAN CLIPPER NV100 VAN Dx silver(Z2S) auction-grade(4/C) 99,449km at ac ps pw 4-seater 

#68 DR64V-801421(660cc PETROL)   shipped 221104

#22168 2013 MAZDA DEMIO 13C-V wine(40F) auction-grade(4/C) 96,067km at ac ps pw tv aws spare-key sent SD card, rear spoiler(discolored)

#69 DE3FS-555770(1300cc PETROL)  shipped 221104 

#22170 2013 NISSAN CUBE 15X blue(RBK) auction-grade(4/C) 122,423km at ac ps pw  aws spare-key stereo taken away, driver's seat, edge torn

#70 Z12-270932(1500cc PETROL)  shipped 221104  

#22173 2013 TOYOTA PASSO  wine auction-grade(4/C) 78,451km at ac ps pw tv sent SD card, front fender Lh(touched up different color)

#71 KGC30-0161069(1000cc PETROL)   shipped 221104

#22174 2013 TOYOTA PASSO +HANA light-green(G50) auction-grade(4/C) 71,952km at ac ps pw tv, no- SD card(AV ok)

#69 DE3FS-555770(1300cc PETROL)   shipped 221104

#22175 2014 TOYOTA PASSO XL violet(P12) auction-grade(4/C) 104,010km at ac ps pw tv, no-SD card(AV ok)

#73 KGC30-0199311(1000cc PETROL)   shipped 221104

#22176 2013 TOYOTA VITZ F-S violet(9AE) auction-grade(4.5/B) 54.000km at ac ps pw cd

#74 NSP130-2143654(1300cc PETROL)   shipped 221104

#22177 2013 TOYOTA VITZ F purple(3R9) auction-grade(4/C) 66,612km at ac ps pw tv aws,  sent SD card

#75 NSP130-2140140(1300cc PETROL)   shipped 221104

#23001 2014 TOYOTA PASSO XL blue(B67) auction-grade(4/CB) 97,288km at ac ps pw cd

#1  KGC30-0188283(1000cc PETROL) will be shipped by K-LINE in Jan.   

#23002 2014 NISSAN CUBE 15XV blue(RBC) auction-grade(4/CC) 99,261km at ac ps pw tv seat-cover

#2  Z12-279717(1500cc PETROL)  

#23003 2014 NISSAN JUKE 15RX wine(NAH) auction-grade(4/BB) 101,855km at ac ps pw tv aws

#3  YF15-310668(1500cc PETROL)  

#23004 2014 NISSAN JUKE 15RXV black(B20) auction-grade(4/CB) 86,267km at ac ps pw tv 

#4  YF15-307967(1500cc PETROL)  

#23005  2014 TOYOTA PASSO +HANA C green/wht(X88) auction-grade(4/BC) 103,889km at ac ps pw tv

#5  KGC30-0212830(1000cc PETROL)  

#23006  2014 HONDA FIT HYBRID L black(NH731P) auction-grade(4/CC) 120,993km at ac ps pw tv

#6  GP5-3054423(1500cc HYBRID)  

#23007 2014 MAZDA DEMIO 13CV wine(40F) auction-grade(4/BB) 86,287km at ac ps pw tv

#7   DE3FS-569781(1300cc PETROL)  

--- to be continued to INVENTORY2 ---

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